691. Muhammad Rafiq Tarar was ________ president before Pervaiz Musharaf ?
A. 14th
B. 12th
C. 4th
D. 9th

692. The river Indus flows from which city?
A. Gilgit
B. Tibat
C. peshawer
D. kabul

693. Which City of Pakistan is famous for sports goods?
A. Peshawar
B. Lahore
C. Sialkot
D. Islamabad

694. who is known as the founder of Tahrik-e-Raishmi Romal (The Silk Letter Movement)?
A. Maulana Qasim Nanotvi
B. Maulana Mahmood ul Hassan
C. Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani
D. Maulana Shabir Ahmad Usmani

695. Who was the first Governor of state bank Pakistan?
A. Qasim parekh
B. V.A Jaffery
C. Abdul Qadir
D. Zahid Hussain

696. Pakistan officially joined the United Nations (UN) on ___________?
A. 30 October 1947
B. 30 September 1947
C. 30 August 1947
D. 30 March 1948

697. The State Bank of Pakistan was established on____________?
A. 30 june 1948
B. 29 june 1948
C. 28 june 1948
D. 1st july 1948

698. Which city of Pakistan once known as “City of Maple Trees”?
A. Lahore
B. Abbottabad
C. Hyderabad
D. Multan

699. Which tribes inhabited in North Waziristan Agency?
A. Wazir and Dawar
B. Mehsud ans Wazir
C. Barki and Dawar
D. None of these

700. Which one is the largest barrage of Pakistan?
A. Jhelum
B. Qadrabad
C. Sukkur
D. Rasul