901. At the NAM Summit in Durban (1998), which issue was discussed concerning Pakistan ________?
A. Palestine problem
B. Environment Pollution
C. Kashmir Issue
D. Repayment of Loans

902. The interim Government was formed in 1946. Who was the Prime Minister__________?
A. Pandit Nehru
B. F.M. Lord Wavel
C. Liaquat Ali Khan
D. None of the above

903. “Qissa Sohni Mahinwal” was written by____________?
A. Hafiz Barkhurdar
B. Hashim Shah
C. Fazal Shah
D. Waris Shah

904. An agreement for cooperation was sighned during Turkish President Kennan Everno`s visit to Pakistan in Feb 1980 in the field of______?
A. Defence production
B. Tourism
C. Research and Development
D. Shipping

905. The concept of acting in aid of civil power by the armed forces has been laid down in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 __________?
A. Article 245
B. Article 270
C. Article 243
D. Article 200

906. India recognized the provisional Government of Bangladesh on__________?
A. 16 Dec 1971
B. 17 Dec 1971
C. 18 Dec 1971
D. 19 Dec 1971

907. Who had the shortest tenure as Governor – General of Pakistan __________?
A. Iskendar Mirza
B. Ghulam Muhammad
C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
d. Kh. Nazimmuddin

908. What was the main difficulty which delayed the constitution making in Pakistan _________?
A. Exact nature of the State
B. Lack of intererst among members of the Constituent Assembly
C. The distribution of powers between Federal and Provincial Governments
D. Corrupt administration

909. Under which Article of Contitution of 1973 is Governor Rule imposed in case of failure of constitutional machinery in the province ________?
A. 234
B. 236
C. 238
D. 240

910. ” If there were one hundred Ghandhis and two hundred Abdul Kalam Azads with the Muslim League but only one Muhammad Ali Jinnah with the Congress so that India would have never been divided” Who said this _____
A. Bolitho
B. Sirojni Nido
C. Lakhshmee Pandit
D. Hudson