611. Largest dam of Pakistan is____________?
A. Tarbela Dam
B. Mangla dam
C. Warsak dam
D. None of these

612. Navy Captain is equal in rank to army ____________?
A. Captain
B. Major
C. Colonel
D. Brigadier

613. Lyallpur is the old name of ?
A. Faisalabad
B. Mardan
C. Punjab
D. Lahore

614. Who was the first democratic President to complete his 5 years tenure?
A. Nawaz Sharif
B. Asif Ali Zardari
C. Pervaiz Musharraf
D. Liaquat Ali Khan

615. Name the Chief Election Commissioner who conducted two Presidential Elections?
A. Qazi Muhammad Farooq
B. F.M Khan
C. Akhter Husain
D. Justice N.A Nusrat

616. Dina Wadia visited Pakistan upon the death of the Quaid, and then only once again in _____________during the Musharraf era
A. 2002
B. 2003
C. 2004
D. 2005

617. Dina Wadia was born in London on ______________.?
A. August 15, 1919
B. July 15, 1919
C. June 16, 1919
D. June 17, 1919

618. What is the city of lights ?
A. Multan
B. Lahore
C. Quetta
D. Karachi

619. Watersports at Khanpur Dam was?
A. Beat The Waves
B. Game of Thrones
C. Battle of War
D. Swimming

620. Dasu dam is in?
A. Sindh
B. Punjab
C. Baluchistan
D. K.P.K