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21. Specific gravity for most of the building stones lies between_____________?

A. 1.5 to 2.0
B. 2.0 to 2.5
C. 2.5 to 3.0
D. 3.0 to 3.5

22. Cross cut saw is used for_______________?

A. cutting soft stones
B. cutting hard stones
C. cutting large blocks of stones
D. dressing stones

23. Crushing strength of a good building stone should be more than____________?

A. 50 MPa
B. 100 MPa
C. 150 MPa
D. 200 MPa

24. Spalling hammer is used for_____________?

A. driving wooden headed chisels
B. rough dressing of stones
C. carving of stones
D. breaking small projection of stones

25. Which of the following metamorphic rocks has the most weather resisting characteristics ?

A. marble
B. quartzite
C. slate
D. lime stone

26. The important test to be conducted on a stone used in docks and harbors is________________?

A. hardness test
B. work ability test
C. weight test
D. toughness test

27. Granite is not suitable for ordinary building purpose because_______________?

A. it can not be polished
B. it is not a fire proof material
C. it is costly
D. it has less crushing strength

28. The preparation of surface of stone to obtain plain edges or to obtain stones of required size and shape is known as______________?

A. quarrying of stones
B. blasting of stones
C. seasoning of stones
D. dressing of stones

29. Based on the following rocks and minerals, select the correct statement, quartz, shale, basalt, granite, marble, gypsum, mica______________?

A. basalt and marble are the only metamorphic rocks
B. there is no sedimentary rock
C. granite is the only igneous rock
D. quartz and mica are minerals

30. Which of the following stone is best suited for construction of piers and abutments of a railway bridge ?

A. granite
B. sand stone
C. lime stone
D. quartzite