1151. In Plane Surveying :

A. The curvature of the earth is taken into consideration
B. The curvature of the earth is not taken into consideriaton
C. The surveys extend over small areas
D. Both B and C *

1152. In geodetic surveying , the curvature of the earth is taken into consideration:

A. Agree *
B. Disagree

1153. The difference is lenght between the arc and the subtended chord on the surface of the earth for a distance of 18.2 km is only :

A. 10 mm *
B. 20 mm
C. 40 mm
D. 80 mm

1154. In order to determine the natural features such as valleys, rivers,lakes etc, th surveying preferred is :

A. City surveying
B. Location surveying
C. Cadastra surveying
D. topgraphical surveying *

1155. The reconnaissance surveying is carried out to determine the artificial features such as roads, railways, canals, buildings etc.

A. True
B. False *

1156. The surveying used to determine additional details such as boundaries of fields is called :

A. City Surveying
B. location surveying
C. Cadastral surveying *
D. topgraphical surveying

1157. The fundamental principle of surveying is to work from the :

A. Whole to the part *
B. Part to the whole
C. Lower level to higher level
D. Higher level to lower level

1158. The working from whole to the part is done in surveying order to ensure that :

A. Survey work is completed more quickly
B. Plotting is done more quickly
C. Number of error is minimum
D. Errors and mistakes of one portion do not effect the remaining portion *

1159. Whin 1 cm on a map represents 10 m on the ground, the representative fraction of the scale is :

A. 1/10
B. 1/100
C. 1/1000 *
D. 1/10000

1160. The representative fraction 1/2500 means that scale is :

A. 1 cm = 2.5 m
B. 1 cm = 25 m *
C. 1 cm = 35 m
D. 1 cm = 45 m