1141. Which of the following statement is wrong ?

A. The concrete can not be pumped
B. The concrete should have maximum creep
C. The concrete structure can be put to use immediately after their construction
D. None of the above *

1142. The characteristic , Which makes the concrete a versatile and widely used material of modern construction , is the possibility of :

A. Controlling the properties of cement by utilizing fitting fixings
B. Forming the substantial in any ideal shape
C. Complete mechanisation of concrete preparation and its placing processes
D. All of the above *

1143. The concrete without any reinforcement has ———-tensile strength :

A. Low *
B. High

1144. Segregation of concrete increases the strength of concrete:

A. Yes *
B. No

1145. The material used as an ingredient of concrete is usually:

A. Cement
B. Aggregate
C. Water
D. Admixture
E. All of the above *

1146. A suitable admixture added at the time of preparing the concrete mix, makes the concrete :

A. Water proof
B. Acid proof
C. Highly strong
D. All of the above *

1147. The function of aggregate in concrete is to serve as :

A. Binding material
B. Filler *
C. Catalyst
D. All of the above

1148. Calcareous material used in the manufacture of cement consists of :

A. Limestone
B. Chalk
C. Shells
D. All of the above *

1149. In the manufacture of cement, the dry or wet mixture of calcareous and argillaceous materials is burnt in a :

A. Country kiln
B. Continuous flare kiln
C. Rotary kiln *
D. All of th above

1150. In the manufacture of cement , the dry or wet mixture of calcareous and argillaceous materials is burnt at a temperature between :

A. 900 Degree centigrade to 1000 Degree centigrade
B. 1000 Degree centigrade to 1200 Degree centigrade
C. 1200 Degree centigrade to 1500 Degree centigrade
D. 1500 Degree centigrade to 1600 Degree centigrade *