1041. Which of the following statement is wrong ?

A. The quality of tube well water is better than that of of surface sources
B. A tube well discharges more water than an open well.
C. The water bearing strata is called aquifer
D. The tube well should not derive water from the first pervious strata
E. All of the above
F. None of the above *

1042. Run-off is the water which flows :

A. In infiltration galleries
B. In sewer pipe
C. Due to leakage of pipes
D. In rivers *

1043. The growth of population may be conveniently represented by :

A. Semi-logarithmic
B. Logistic curve *
C. Straight line curve
D. All of the above

1044. The yield of a surface stream may be obtained by :

A. Cross-section velocity method
B. Stream gauging
C. Chemical method
D. All of the above *

1045. The yield of a under ground source may be obtained by :

A. Pumping test
B. Recupating test
C. Both A and B *
D. None of the above

1046. The yield of the well depends upon the :

A. Permeability of the soil
B. Position of water table
C. Depth of well in impervious layer
D. Rate of withdrawal
E. All of the above *
F. None of the above

1047. The yield of the well is measured in :

A. Cum/hr
B. Litres/hr
C. Kg/hr
D. Either A or B *
E. Either B or C

1048. A reservoir’s volume of water is divided into three parts, which are arranged in ascending order from bottom to top:

A. Useful storage, surcharge storage, dead storage
B. Useful storage, dead storage, surcharge storage
C. Inactive, useful, and surcharged storage*:
D. None of the above

1049. Which of the following statements is correct ?

A. The rate of silting in a reservoir is more in the beginning and less in the end
B. The silt storage is the same as dead storage
C. A the economical height of a dam, its cost per million cubic meter of storage is minimum
D. THe percentage of water required for public use amounts to about 10% of the total water requirements
E. All of the above *
F. None of the above

1050. In india as per IS: 1172-1963, water consumption per capital per day for domestic purpose is :

A. 85 Litres
B. 100 Litres
C. 115 Litres
D. 135 Litres *