211. Center of pressure on an inclined plane is______________________?
A. at the centroid
B. above the centroid
C. below the centroid
D. at meta centre
E. at center of pressure

212. The two important forces for a floating body are___________________?
A. buoyancy, gravity
B. buoyancy, pressure
C. buoyancy, inertial
D. inertial, gravity
E. gravity, pressure

213. Resultant pressure of the liquid in the case of an immersed body acts through _________________?
A. center of gravity
B. center of pressure
C. meta center
D. center of buoyancy
E. in between e.g. and center of pressure

214. Differential monometer is used to measure _______________________?
A. pressure in pipes, channels etc.
B. atmospheric pressure
C. very low pressure
D. difference of pressure between two points
E. velocity in pipes

215. The line of action of the buoyant force acts through the centroid of the ___________________?
A. submerged body
B. volume of the floating body
C. volume of the fluid vertically above the body
D. displaced volume of the fluid
E. none of the above

216. The pressure in the air space above an oil (sp. gr. 0.8) surface in a tank is 0.1 kg/cm”. The pressure at 2.5 m below the oil surface will be ___________________?
A. 2 meters of water column
B. 3 meters of water column
C. 3.5 meters of water column
D. 4 m of water column
E. none of the above

217. In an immersed body, center of pressure is ____________________?
A. at the center of gravity
B. above the center of gravity
C. below be center of gravity
D. could be above or below e.g. depending on density of body and liquid
E. unpredictable

218. The time oscillation of a floating body with increase in metacentric height will be________________?
A. same
B. higher
C. lower
D. lower/higher depending on weight of body
E. unpredictable

219. The normal stress is same in all directions at a point in a fluid ___________________?
A. only when the fluid is frictionless
B. only when the fluid is incompressible and has zero viscosity
C. when there is no motion of one fluid layer relative to an adjacent layer
D. irrespective of the motion of one fluid layer relative to an adjacent layer
E. in case of an ideal fluid

220. Total pressure on a lmxlm gate immersed vertically at a depth of 2 m below the free water surface will be ___________________?
A. 1000 kg
B. 4000 kg
C. 2000 kg
D. 8000 kg
E. 16000 kg