141. The function of king post in a king post roof truss is_______________?

A. to support the frame work of the roof
B. to receive the ends of principal rafter
C. to prevent the walls from spreading outward
D. to prevent the tie beam from sagging at its centre

142. In any good staircase, the maximum and minimum pitch respectively should be_____________?

A. 90° and 0°
B. 75° and 30°
C. 60° and 10°
D. 40° and 25°

143. Sum of tread and rise must lie between_______________?

A. 300 to 350 mm
B. 400 to 450 mm
C. 500 to 550 mm
D. 600 to 650 mm

144. The maximum number of steps in a flight should generally be restricted to______________?

A. 10
B. 12
C. 15
D. no limit

145. Minimum width of landing should be_______________?

A. equal to width of stairs
B. half the width of stairs
C. twice the width of stairs
D. one fourth the width of stairs

146. The vertical posts placed at the top and bottom ends of a flight supporting the hand rail are known as_________________?

A. balusters
B. newal posts
C. balustrades
D. railings

147. Couple close roof is suitable for maximum span of________________?

A. 2.5 m
B. 3.5 m
C. 4.5 m
D. 5.5 m

148. Higher pitch of the roof (1) results in stronger roof (2) results in weaker roof (3) requires more covering material (4) requires less covering material The correct answer is___________?

A. (1) and (3)
B. (1) and (4)
C. (2) and (3)
D. (2) and (4)

149. The function of cleats in a roof truss is______________?

A. to support the common rafter
B. to support purlins
C. to prevent the purlins from tilting
D. all of the above

150. Couple close roof is suitable for maximum span of______________?

A. 2.5 m
B. 3.5 m
C. 4.5 m
D. 5.5 m