151. At the centre line of a pipe flowing under pressure where the velocity gradient is zero, the shear stress will be_______________?
A. minimum
B. maximum
C. zero
D. negative value
E. could be any value

152. Two pipe systems can be said to be equivalent, when the following quantities are same______________?
A. friction loss and flow
B. length and diameter
C. flow and length
D. friction factor and diameter
E. velocity and diameter

153. In a forced vortex, the velocity of flow everywhere within the fluid is__________________?
A. maximum
B. minimum
C. zero
D. non-zero finite
E. unpredictable

154. Select the correct statement ?
A. Local atmospheric pressure depends upon elevation of locality only
B. Standard atmospheric pressure is the mean local atmospheric pressure a* sea level
C. Local atmospheric pressure is always below standard atmospheric pressure
D. A barometer reads the difference be-tween local and standard atmospheric pressure
E. Gauge piessure is equal to atmospheric pressure plus instrument reading

155. Choose the wrong statement ?
A. The center of buoyancy is located at the center of gravity of the displaced liquid
B. For stability of a submerged body, the center of gravity of body must lie directly below the center of buoyancy
C. If e.g. and center of buoyancy coincide, the submerged body must lie at neutral equilibrium for all positions
D. For stability of floating cylinders or spheres, the e.g. of body must lie below the center of buoyancy
E. All floating bodies are stable

156. Choose the wrong statement?
A. any weight, floating or immersed in a liquid, is acted upon by a buoyant force
B. Buoyant force is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced
C. The point through which buoyant force acts, is called the center of buoyancy
D. Center of buoyancy is located above the center of gravity of the displaced liquid v
E. Relative density of liquids can be determined by means of the depth of flotation of hydrometer

157. Choose the wrong statement?
A. fluids are capable of flowing
B. fluids conform to the shape of the con-tainting vessels
C. when in equilibrium, fluids cannot sustain tangential forces
D. when in equilibrium, fluids can sustain shear forces
E. fluids have some degree of compressibility and offer little resistance to form

158. Choose the wrong statement________________?
A. Viscosity of a fluid is that property which determines the amount of its resistance to a shearing force
B. Viscosity is due primarily to interaction between fluid molecules
C. Viscosity of liquids decreases with in-crease in temperature
D. Viscosity of liquids is appreciably affected by change in pressure
E. Viscosity is expressed as poise, stoke, or say bolt seconds

159. According to Bernoulli’s equation for steady ideal fluid flow_______________?
A. principle of conservation of mass holds
B. velocity and pressure are inversely proportional
C. total energy is constant throughout
D. the energy is constant along a stream-line but may vary across streamlines
E. none of the above

160. Mach number is significant in___________________?
A. supersonics, as with projectiles and jet propulsion
B. full immersion or completely enclosed flow, as with pipes, aircraft wings, nozzles etc.
C. simultaneous motion through two fluids where there is a surface of dis-continuity, gravity force, and wave making effects, as with ship’s hulls
D. all of fhe above
E. none of the above