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121. The bearing capacity of a water logged soil can be improved by_____________?

A. compacting the soil
B. draining the soil
C. increasing the depth of foundation
D. grouting

122. The minimum depth of foundation in clayey soils is_______________?

A. 0.5 m
B. 0.7 m
C. 0.9 m
D. 1.2 m

123. The vertical distance between the springing line and highest point of the innercurve of an arch is known as______________?

A. intrados
B. rise
C. spandril
D. extrados

124. The type of arch generally constructed over a wooden lintel or over a flat arch for the purpose of carrying the load of the wall above is_______________?

A. segmental arch
B. pointed arch
C. relieving arch
D. flat arch

125. In case of foundations on black cotton soils, the most suitable method to increase the bearing capacity of soils is to_________________?

A. increase the depth of foundation
B. drain the soil
C. compact the soil
D. replace the poor soil

126. The maximum total settlement for isolated foundations on clayey soils should be limited to______________?

A. 25 mm
B. 40 mm
C. 65 mm
D. 100 mm

127. The maximum total settlement for raft foundation on clayey soils should be limited to______________?

A. 25 mm
B. 25 to 40 mm
C. 40 to 65 mm
D. 65 to 100 mm

128. The type of flooring suitable for use in churches, theatres, public libraries and other places where noiseless floor covering is desired is____________________?

A. cork flooring
B. glass flooring
C. wooden flooring
D. linoleum flooring

129. Depth or height of the arch is the________________?

A. perpendicular distance between intra-dos and extrados
B. vertical distance between springing line and intrados
C. perpendicular distance between springing line and extrados
D. none of the above

130. The type of pile which is driven at an inclination to resist inclined forces is known as______________?

A. friction pile
B. sheet pile
C. batter pile
D. anchor pile