1081. Work study consists of :

A. Motion study
B. Time study
C. Either A or B
D. Both A and B *

1082. The work study is done by means of :

A. Planning chart
B. Process chart
C. Stop watch *
D. Any one of the above

1083. In time study, normal time is more than the standard time :

A. True
B. False *

1084. Time study is carried out :

A. By finding all the significant information regarding the job, work place etc
B. By Separating every activity into little components which are quantifiable with the assistance of the estimating gadget accurately
C.. By observing and keeping track of the operator’s time spent performing an operation
D. All of the above *

1085. Bar chart is suitable for :

A. Large project
B. Major work
C. Minor work *
D. All of the above

1086. In construction departments, bar charts are very popular because:

A. Preparation and interpretation are very simple.
B. Each piece of work or activity is shown on its own.
C. Modification to the chart on as required basis can be carried out easily
D. All of the above *

1087. The activities are not clearly arranged in order in the bar chart method:

A. Agree *
B. Disagree

1088. Travel charts are used to :

A. Analyse material handling
B. Reduce labour cost
C. Determine inventory control difficulties
D. Plan material handling procedure and routes
E. All of the above *

1089. PERT stands for :

A. Porgramme estimation and reporting techniques
B. Process estimation and review technique
C. Programme evaluation and review technique *
D. Planning estimation and resulting technique

1090. Actual performance ofa task is called :

A. An event
B. An activity *
C. A duration
D. Any of the above