1001. The water supply system means :

A. The Entire Scheme of collection and disposal of liquid waste
B. The complete layout from the source of supply to the distribution *
C. Construction of reservoirs
D. Construction of canals

1002. The water obtained from tube wells is known as :

A. Surface water
B. Sub-surface water *
C. Run- Off
D. Potable water

1003. The water obtained from a lake is known as surface water :

A. Agree *
B. Disagree

1004. The water obtained from ________ is generally known as under ground water :

A. Infiltration galleries
B. Springs *
C. Rivers
D. Wells

1005. The water obtained from __________ is generally known as sub-surface water :

A. Rains
B. Rivers
C. Reservoirs
D. Artesian wells *

1006. The Horizontal Tunnels constructed at shallow depths along the banks of a river to intercept the ground water table are called :

A. Canals
B. Infiltration galleries *
C. Springs
D. Lakes

1007. The vertical wells provided along the banks of a river to draw ground water in dry season are called :

A. Open wells
B. Tube wells
C. Artesian wells
D. Infiltration wells *

1008. When a previous strata is sandwiched between two impervious strata of cup shape. The well is called a tube well:

A. True
B. False *

1009. A pipe sunk into the ground to tap the underground water is called :

A. Open well
B. Tube well *
C. Artesian well
D. Infiltration well

1010. The earth’s water circulatory system is known as :

A. Water cycle
B. Hydrological cycle *
C. Precipitation cycle
D. All of the above