1011.. The useful utility of substantial innovation for structural specialists is to :

A. Teach them how to properly stock the materials needed for concrete.
B. Enable them to perform different test concerning concrete
C. Make them acquainted with the basic standards of cement
D. All of the above *

1012. The process by which a mass of concrete loses its cohesion is known as:

A. Workability
B. Bleeding
C. Segregation *
D. Creep

1013. The separation of water or water-cement mixture from the freshly laid concrete is known as bleeding:

A. True *
B. False

1014. The term for the continuous strain that the concrete experiences as a result of the application of external loads is:

A. Workability
B. Bleeding
C. Segregation
D. Creep *

1015. A good concrete should be subject to _______ creep :

A. Maximum
B. Minimum *

1016. In lime concrete, lime is used as :

A. Coarse aggregate
B. Fine aggregate
C. Binding material *
D. Admixture

1017. The type of lime that is used in lime concrete is:

A. Fat lime
B. Poor lime
C. Alaked lime
D. Hydraulic lime *

1018. A good concrete should have minimum thermal expansion :

A. Agree *
B. Disagree

1019. The lime concrete has ________ strength as compared to cement concrete :

A. Less *
B. More

1020. The standard extent of fixings in plain concrete cement is :

A. Clean sand (1 1/2 to 8 parts), coarse aggregate (3 to 16 parts), and Portland cement (1 part) *
B. Portland cement (1 part) clean sand (3 to 16 parts ) and coarse aggregate (1 1/2 to 8 parts)
C. Both A and B
D. None of them