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11. While designing a project by an engineer, ______________should be taken into account to protect cultural heritage?

A. All possible alternates
B. No protection
C. Minimum protection
D. No care

12. Which of the following sedimentary rocks changes into quartzite by metamorphic action ?

A. sand stone
B. lime stone
C. shale
D. gypsum

13. Quartitze is a_____________?

A. silicious rock
B. argillaceous rock
C. calcareous rock
D. aqueous rock

14. The stone suitable for rubble masonry should be____________?

A. hard
B. tough
C. heavy
D. light

15. Sandstone is a ________________?

  1. sedimentary rock
    ii. aqueous rock
    iii. silicious rock

The correct answer is:
A. only (i)
B. both (i) and (ii)
C. both (i) and (iii)
D. all (i), (ii) and (iii)

16. Which of these is correct with respect to a product developed or a service performed?

A. Bad quality is acceptable, but bad grade is not.
B. Bad grade is acceptable, but bad quality is not.
C. Neither bad grade nor quality is acceptable.
D. Grade and quality is the same thing.

17. What characteristic best describes the cost baseline?

A. Total budget for the project
B. Time phased budget for the project
C. Total budget for the project including the contingency budget
D. Total budget for the project including the contingency budget and the management reserve

18. Engineering ethics refers to_______________?

A. The rules and standards given by an institution for Engineering practice
B. The rules and regulation relating to obligations and rights of others
C. The professional regulation
D. The rules and standards which govern the conduct of Engineers as professional Engineers

19. As per PEC Code of Conduct a member shall report unethical professional practices of an engineer or a member with substantiating data to____________?

A. Court of Law
B. Concerned Department
C. Pakistan Engineering Council
D. Law enforcing Agency

20. How many commandments are given in PEC Code of Ethics?

A. 20
B. 30
C. 10
D. 05