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101. The ratio of the thickness of web to that of flange of steel rolled structural beams and channels is______________?

A. less than 1
B. equal to 1
C. greater than 1
D. less than 1 in beams but greater than 1 in channels

102. Percentage of carbon content in mild steel is_______________?

A. less than 0.25
B. between 0.25 and 0.7
C. between 0.7 and 1.5
D. greater than 1.5

103. The pressure acting on the stones in stone masonry construction should be_____________?

A. along the direction of bedding planes
B. at 45° to the direction of bedding planes
C. at 60° to the direction of bedding planes
D. perpendicular to the direction of bedding planes

104. A queen closer is a______________?

A. brick laid with its length parallel to the face or direction of wall
B. brick laid with its breadth parallel to the face or direction of wall
C. brick having the same length and depth as the other bricks but half the breadth
D. brick with half the width at one end and full width at the other

105. The stretcher bond in brick masonry can be used only when the thickness of wall is_____________?

A. 90 mm
B. 180 mm
C. 190 mm
D. 280 mm

106. Which of the following should be used for hearting of thicker walls ?

A. headers
B. stretchers
C. brick bats
D. queen closer

107. The vehicle used in case of enamel paints is usually______________?

A. linseed oil
B. water
C. varnish
D. none of the above

108. Paints with white lead base are suitable for painting of______________________?

A. wood work
B. iron work
C. both wood work and iron work
D. none of the above

109. Which of the following stresses is used for identifying the quality of structural steel ?

A. ultimate stress
B. yield stress
C. proof stress
D. none of the above

110. Assertion A : Paints with white lead base are not recommended for painting of iron works. Reason R : Paints with white lead base do not check rusting of iron. Select your answer according to the coding system given below ?

A. Both A and R are true and, R is the correct explanation of A
B. Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
C. A is true but R is false
D. A is false but R is true