821. What command is used to copy a file ?
A. tar
B. cpio
C. cp
D. copy

822. Which of the following command lists the last 10 lines of a file ?
A. grep
B. tail
C. head
D. cat

823. Which command is used to extract specific columns from the file ?
A. cat
B. cut
C. grep
D. paste

824. Which command will be used with vi editor to insert text to left of cursor ?
A. s
B. S
C. a
D. i

825. Which of the following files contains information related to password aging ?
A. Shadow
B. password
C. profile
D. All the three

826. Which command is used with vi editor to search a pattern in the forward direction ?
A. /
B. ?
C. //
D. ??

827. Which option will be used with disk free command to include the total amount of disk space in the file system?
A. -t
B. -tt
C. -4
D. –i

828. Which command is used with vi editor scroll half page backward ?
A. [Control-d]
B. [Control – u]
C. [Control-c]
D. [Control -P]

829. What file contains the list of port numbers (and associated names) monitored by inetd ?
A. /etc/services
B. /etc/nsorder
C. /etc/nsswitch.conf/
D. /etc/hosts