301. Information systems that support the business functions that reach out to suppliers are known as_____________?
A. back office information systems
B. decision support systems
C. expert information systems
D. front office information systems

302. MRS stands for ____________________?
A. Management reporting system
B. Management resource system
C. Management retrieve system
D. None of these

303. The business re-engineering requires a major change in the ____________________?
A. Machine
B. Mindset
C. Material
D. Infrastructure

304. ________ , _________ and society need to use a variety of systems to organize the collection, storage, processing, retrieval and communication of information?
A. Management, society
B. Communicating, organizations
C. Individuals, organizations
D. None of these

305. The ________ information as the information required by a number of personal, departments and divisions or the functions in the organization?
A. Operational
B. functional
C. decision support
D. knowledge

306. A ___________________ strategy seeks to achieve competitive advantages by allowing the business unit to make more profit than its competitors?
A. Focus
B. Cost leadership
C. Linkage
D. Information leadership

307. Decision making process has been proposed by _______ in _______?
A. Henry Mintzberg, 1973
B. Herbert Simon, 1960
C. Blake Lves, 1955
D. Michael Hammer, 1975

308. Management information systems (MIS) ?
A. create and share documents that support day-today office activities
B. process business transactions (e.g., time cards, payments, orders, etc.)
C. capture and reproduce the knowledge of an expert problem solver
D. use the transaction data to produce information needed by managers to run the business

309. Which of the following statements describes a taxonomy ?
A. A browsable hierarchy
B. A list of equivalent terms
C. A complex controlled vocabulary showing relationships
D. None of these

310. Project Management ensures that______________?
A. project’s risk is assessed
B. project’s feasibility is assessed
C. system is developed at minimum cost
D. both A and B

311. Cause-and-effect analysis is performed in the following phase of systems analysis________________?
A. scope definition phase
B. logical design phase
C. requirements analysis phase
D. problem analysis phase

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