201. Which is the limitation of high level language?
A. Lower efficiency
B. Machine dependence
C. Machine level coding
D. None of the above

202. Who are the people that actually use the system to perform or support the work to be completed ?
A. system analysts
B. system designers
C. system owners
D. none of the above

203. All of the following are phases of systems analysis, except ?
A. decision analysis phase
B. requirements analysis phase
C. design analysis phase
D. problem analysis phase

204. Which of the following is NOT a guideline for successfully conducting a Joint Requirements Planning (JRP) session ?
A. stay on schedule
B. allow for ample breaks
C. brainstorm technical alternatives to problems identified in a JRP session
D. none of these

205. Optical character recognition ?
A. is less prevalent than optical mark recognition
B. requires the user to carefully handwrite input data on a business form
C. both A and B
D. none

206. The elements of control will consist of __________________?
A. Authority, Direction, Management
B. Authority, Direction, Information
C. Authority, Application, Management
D. Authority, Application, Information

207. In a typical ____________ network, application processing is shared between clients and one more servers?
A. client server computing
B. data computing
C. mobile computing
D. cloud computing

208. Management information system usually ?
A. serve managers interested in weekly, monthly and yearly results not day to day activities.
B. Help managers make decisions that unique, rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance
C. Provide managers with a generalized computing and telecommunications capacity that can be applied to a changing array of problems.
D. Perform and record the daily routine transactions necessary to the conduct of business

209. The ___________ calls for trimming and chopping of these designs so that the cost is reduced, service is improved and the customer gets higher value at a higher speed?
A. Business process
B. Radical redesign
C. The fundamental rethinking
D. None of these

210. Information management model involves four steps ________ , _________ , _________ & ________ ?
A. Diagnosis evaluation, design, implementation
B. Diagnosis, design, software, hardware
C. Hardware, software, DBMS, Data communication
D. None of these

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