251. ___________ systems help to a analyze historical and current data either on demand or periodically?
A. Data access system
B. Data analysis system
C. Fore cast-oriented data analysis system
D. System based on accounting models

252. In MIS system design, the sources of information may be categorized as______________ and _______________?
A. internal, external
B. personal, organizational
C. useful, unuseful
D. constructive, destructive

253. _____________ type of budgeting is based on estimation of total project cost by the top management?
A. Top down
B. Bottom up
C. Neutral
D. Zero-based

254. Which of the following advanced input controls provides a nonnumeric means of selecting a value ?
A. ellipsis control
B. Internet hyperlink
C. check list box
D. slider edit calendar

255. Which kind of chart is useful for comparing series or categories of data, each in its own bar ?
A. line chart
B. pie chart
C. scatter char
D. bar chart

256. Internal information for MIS may come from any one of the following department ?
A. Customers care department
B. HR department
C. Marketing department
D. Production department

257. Which of the following is NOT an objective of MIS ?
A. Facilitate the decisions-making process
B. Provide requisite information at each level of management
C. Support decision-making
D. recruit people for system

258. The _____________ is defined as a set of activities performed across the organization creating as output of value to the customer?
A. development process
B. business process
C. quality process
D. customer focus

259. Which level of an organization is responsible for setting medium term goals and allocating resources ?
A. The tactical level
B. The supervisory level
C. The strategic level
D. The executive level

260. Which are the components of an organizational information system ?
A. Dramatic increase of available knowledge
B. Increased turbulence
C. Growth of complexity
D. All of the above

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