241. Which of the following is not a type of navigation system for a web site ?
A. National
B. Global
C. Contextual
D. Regional

242. The term used to describe those people whose jobs involve sponsoring and funding the project to develop, operate, and maintain the information system is_______________?
A. systems designer
B. systems owner
C. internal system user
D. information worker

243. Which of the following statements about XML schemas is incorrect ?
A. Schemas can specify integer values
B. Schemas are defined by XSD tag
C. All XML documents must have a schema
D. Schemas provide data oriented data types

244. The deliverable of the problem analysis phase is____________________?
A. system improvement objectives
B. problem statement
C. statement of constraints
D. statement of work

245. A property or quality the system must have is called a_______________?
A. scope
B. functional requirement
C. preliminary requirement
D. nonfunctional requirement

246. Which of the following is(are) the deliverables of the Systems Implementation phase ?
A. training materials
B. functional system
C. physical design specification
D. operational system

247. A count of the number of students who earned A, B, C, D, and F grades in a given course would be an example of a(n) ?
A. external report
B. summary report
C. detailed report
D. exception report

248. The types of data transmission modes are________________?
A. Half duplex. , Duplex. , Singlex
B. Half duplex. , Duplex. , Simplex
C. Half duplex. , Duplex. , Half Singlex
D. Singlex, duplex, half triplex

249. Deciding how to carry out specific tasks by strategic and middle management and establishing criteria for completion and resource allocation best describes ?
A. strategic decision making
B. operational control
C. knowledge level decision making
D. management control

250. Management, science, also known as ___________ , is a field of applied mathematics ?
A. Management accounting
B. Operations research
C. Exchange commission
D. System theory

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