MCQs is one of the best ways to test a student’s comprehension of a concept. Academic Task subject experts have prepared these Software Engineering MCQs based on current trends and practices. These Software Engineering MCQs with answers cover all areas of Software Engineering. Furthermore, it will be beneficial for competitive examinations and tests (PPSC Test, FPSC Test, SPSC Test, KPPSC Test, BPSC Test, Test) as well. Software Engineering Questions and Answers cover the topic like Evolutionary Software Process Models, Selection of a Life Cycle Model, Fourth Generation Techniques, Software Process and Product – 1, Software Process and Product – 2, Agile Software Development, Extreme Programming, Requirement Engineering, Functional and Non-Functional Requirements, Requirement Elicitation, Requirement Elicitation Techniques – 1, Requirement Elicitation Techniques – 2, Requirement Analysis, Requirement Documentation, Requirement Management, etc. Also, check Civil Engineering Questions and Answers here.

61. Is a customer involved test development and validation in XP ?

A. Yes
B. No
C. It may vary from Customer to Customer
D. None of the mentioned

62. In XP an automated unit test framework is used to write tests for a new piece of functionality before that functionality itself is implemented ____________________?

A. True
B. False

63. Programmers prefer programming to testing and sometimes they take shortcuts when writing tests. For example, they may write incomplete tests that do not check for all possible exceptions that may occur ?

A. True
B. False

64. User requirements are expressed as _______________ in Extreme Programming?

A. implementation tasks
B. functionalities
C. scenarios
D. none of the mentioned

65. Which three framework activities are present in Adaptive Software Development(ASD) ?

A. analysis, design, coding
B. requirements gathering, adaptive cycle planning, iterative development
C. speculation, collaboration, learning
D. all of the mentioned

66. Which one of the following is not an application of embedded software product ?

A. keypad control of a security system
B. pattern recognition game playing
C. digital function of dashboard display in a car
D. none of the mentioned

67. Which one of the following is not a software process quality ?

A. Productivity
B. Portability
C. Timeliness
D. Visibility

68. _______________ & ________________ are two kinds of software products ?

B. Firmware, Embedded
C. Generic, Customised
D. None of the mentioned

69. Purpose of process is to deliver software________________?

A. in time
B. with acceptable quality
C. that is cost efficient
D. both in time & with acceptable quality

70. Which four framework activities are found in the Extreme Programming(XP) ?

A. analysis, design, coding, testing
B. planning, analysis, design, coding
C. planning, design, coding, testing
D. planning, analysis, coding, testing

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