191. _______________ measures the ability of a regression test selection technique to handle realistic applications ?

A. Efficiency
B. Precision
C. Generality
D. Inclusiveness

192. The process of generating analysis and design documents is known as ___________________?

A. Software engineering
B. Software re-engineering
C. Reverse engineering
D. Re-engineering

193. What does ACT stands for in In Boehm model for software maintenance ?

A. Actual change track
B. Annual change track
C. Annual change traffic
D. Actual change traffic

194. What is a software patch ?

A. Required or Critical Fix
B. Emergency Fix
C. Daily or routine Fix
D. None of the mentioned

195. Choose the suitable options with respect to regression testing ?

A. It helps in development of software
B. It helps in maintenance of software
C. It helps in development & maintenance of software
D. none of the mentioned

196. Which one of the following is not a maintenance model ?

A. Waterfall model
B. Reuse-oriented model
C. Iterative enhancement model
D. Quick fix model

197. What are legacy systems ?

A. new systems
B. old systems
C. under-developed systems
D. none of the mentioned

198. Which of the following manuals is a user documentation ?

A. SRS -Software Requirement Specification
B. SDD -Software Design Document
C. System Overview
D. None of the mentioned

199. How many stages are there in Iterative-enhancement model used during software maintenance ?

A. two
B. three
C. four
D. five

200. Which of the following is a software process certification ?

A. JAVA Certified
B. IBM Certified
C. ISO-9000
D. Microsoft Certified

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