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121. Which of the following is included in SRS ?

A. Cost
B. Design Constraints
C. Staffing
D. Delivery Schedule

122. Consider the following Statement: “The data set will contain an end of file character.”What characteristic of SRS is being depicted here ?

A. Consistent
B. Non-verifiable
C. Correct
D. Ambiguous

123. Which of the following statements about SRS is/are true ?

i. SRS is written by customer
ii. SRS is written by a developer
iii. SRS serves as a contract between customer and developer
A. Only i is true
B. Both ii and iii are true
C. All are true
D. None of the mentioned

124. Which of the following property of SRS is depicted by the statement : “Conformity to a standard is maintained” ?

A. Correct
B. Complete
C. Consistent
D. Modifiable

125. Requirements elicitation is a cyclic process_________________?

A. True
B. False

126. Why is Requirements Elicitation a difficult task ?

A. Problem of scope
B. Problem of understanding
C. Problem of volatility
D. All of the mentioned

127. How many Scenarios are there in elicitation activities ?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

128. Consider the following Statement: “The output of a program shall be given within 10 secs of event X 10% of the time.”What characteristic of SRS is being depicted here ?

A. Consistent
B. Verifiable
C. Non-verifiable
D. Correct

129. Consider the following Statement: “The product should have a good human interface.”What characteristic of SRS is being depicted here ?

A. Consistent
B. Non-Verifiable
C. Correct
D. Ambiguous

130. Arrange the given sequence to form a SRS Prototype outline as per IEEE SRS Standard?

i. General description
ii. Introduction
iii. Index
iv. Appendices
v. Specific Requirements
A. iii, i, ii,v, iv
B. iii, ii, i, v, iv
C. ii, i, v, iv, iii
D. iii, i, ii

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