221. The most important attribute of information quality that a manager requires is ?
A. relevance
B. media
C. presentation
D. timeliness

222. The person who ensures that systems are developed on time, within budget, and with acceptable quality is a______________?
A. systems designer
B. project manager
C. systems owner
D. external system user

223. Which of the following is a deliverable of the system implementation phase in a formal system development process ?
A. technical hardware and software solution for the business problem
B. business problem statement
C. statement of the system users’ business requirements
D. technical blueprint and specifications for a solution that fulfills the business requirements

224. To improve the performance of a business process, which of the following is most relevant ?
A. Input
B. Processing
C. Control and feedback
D. All of the above

225. Which of the following relates to enterprise interoperability ?
B. Information flow diagram
D. Entity relationship diagram

226. Which is not a typical business function ?
A. Sales
B. Service
C. Manufacturing
D. Benefits and Compensation

227. Which of the following analysis techniques derive system models from existing system or discovery prototypes ?
A. rapid architected analysis
B. object-oriented analysis
C. data modeling
D. discovery prototyping

228. The process of requirements discovery consists of the following activities, except_______________?
A. requirements management
B. sampling of existing documentation, forms and files
C. requirements discovery
D. problem discovery and analysis

229. The person generally responsible for the program design strategy, standards, and construction is called a(n) ?
A. program librarian
B. backup chief programmer
C. network designer
D. chief programmer

230. Which of the following is(are) the inputs to the Systems Construction phase ?
A. design prototypes
B. redesigned business processes
C. physical design specifications
D. all of the above

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