171. Which technique is applied to ensure the continued evolution of legacy systems ?

A. Forward engineering
B. Reverse Engineering
C. Reengineering
D. Reverse Engineering and Reengineering

172. Spiral model was developed by ___________________?

A. Victor Bisili
B. Berry Boehm
C. Bev Littlewood
D. Roger Pressman

173. Model preferred to create client/server applications is _______________________?

A. WINWIN Spiral Model
B. Spiral Model
C. Concurrent Model
D. Incremental Model

174. Processes for evolving a software product depend on __________________?

A. Type of software to be maintained
B. Development processes used
C. Skills and experience of the people involved
D. All of the mentioned

175. Reverse engineering is the last activity in a re-engineering project _____________________?

A. True
B. False

176. The Incremental Model is combination of elements of_____________________?

A. Build & FIX Model & Waterfall Model
B. Linear Model & RAD Model
C. Linear Model & Prototyping Model
D. Waterfall Model & RAD Model

177. The cost of re-engineering is often significantly less than the costs of developing new software ?

A. True
B. False

178. Consider an example of a system which has a police command and control system that may include a geographical information system to provide details of the location of incidents. What kind of system the example represents ?

A. Complex System
B. Technical computer-based system
C. Sociotechnical System
D. Both Complex and Sociotechnical System

179. Which property of a sociotechnical system depends on the technical system components, its operators, and its operating environment ?

A. security
B. usability
C. volume
D. reliability

180. There are _______________ overlapping stages in the lifetime of large and complex sociotechnical systems?

A. two
B. three
C. four
D. five

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