281. An information system that supports the planning and assessment needs of executive management is______________?
D. None of these

282. A model-driven analysis approach that focuses on the structure of stored data in a system rather than on processes is______________?
A. structured analysis
B. information engineering
C. rapid architected analysis
D. object-oriented analysis

283. UML depicts information systems as a collection of________________?
A. Entities
B. Processes
C. Data
D. Objects

284. The first CMM level at which measurable goals for quality and productivity are established is______________?
A. Level 1
B. Level 2
C. Level 3
D. Level 4

285. Which of the following is(are) the primary inputs into the task of writing and testing new programs ?
A. programming plan
B. test data
C. both A and B
D. integration requirements

286. Which of the following reports categorizes information for managers who are not interested to wade through the details ?
A. external
B. detailed
C. exception
D. none of the above

287. GDSS is the short form of__________________?
A. Group Decision Support System
B. Group Discussion Support System
C. Group Decision Service System
D. Group Discussion Support Source

288. In the following statement which one is true to information systems ?
A. information into data
B. procedures into statement
C. data into information
D. statement into procedures

289. The architecture of the MIS plan provides ?
A. A way to handle the system or subsystem by way of simplification, coupling and decoupling of subsystems.
B. For preparing the schedule of the system in the overall information requirement
C. An online information on the stocks markets and the accounts balance
D. None of these

290. _________ systems are interactive information systems that assist a decision maker in approaching ill-structured problems by offering analytical models and access to database ?
A. Decision making
B. Systematic
C. Cognitive
D. Decision support systems