231. _____________ type of testing ensures the system is free of errors and is ready to be placed into operation?
A. Audit
B. General
C. Technical
D. Data

232. When a bank uses business performance management software to monitor its performance in differences regions this ?
A. reduces costs
B. manages risks
C. adds value
D. creates a new opportunity

233. Contemporary Information Systems are interfacing with customers and suppliers using ?
C. Both A and B

234. If you need to collect employee status information (e.g., full-time vs. part-time) on a computer screen, your best choice for a GUI control would be ?
A. drop-down list
B. masked edit control
C. radio buttons
D. spin box

235. The advantage(s) of transistors are they ?
A. Are portable
B. Are more reliable
C. Consume less power
D. All of the above

236. Which of the following steps is/are the implementation plans involved in MIS ?
A. Preparing organizational plans
B. Planning of work flow
C. Training of personnel
D. All of the above

237. Controls of data communication deal with _________________?
A. the communication channel
B. the computer
C. terminals
D. All of the above

238. The cost of information can be ___________________?
A. Costly
B. Valuable
C. Processing
D. None of the above

239. Which one of the following is not a business driver for an information system ?
A. business process redesign
B. knowledge asset management
C. proliferation of networks and the Internet
D. security and privacy

240. __________ development of DSS relies on the creation of a prototype and its progressive refinement?
A. Iterative
B. Traditional
C. Quick hit
D. None of these