291. An information system that supports the planning and assessment needs of executive management is______________?
D. None of these

292. Which of the following is the first phase of the Systems Implementation phase ?
A. conduct system test
B. build and test networks
C. prepare conversion plan
D. build and test databases

293. A turnaround output is an example of_______________?
A. internal output
B. external output
C. summary output
D. exception output

294. Decision trees could be represented in different ways such as________________?
A. Bottom to top
B. Left to right
C. Top to bottom
D. All of the above

295. _____________captures and processes customer orders and produces customer invoices?
A. Inventory
B. Order processing
C. Payroll
D. Ledger

296. __________ technology include computers hardware, software, database management systems and data communication system?
A. Information
B. Computer
C. Marketing
D. All of the above

297. Michael hammer defines re-engineer as ___________ and radical redesign of business process to achieve the performance such as cost, quality, service and speed?
A. Business process
B. The fundamental rethinking
C. Organization restructuring
D. None of the above

298. The components of DSS ?
A. Data management sub systems
B. Model management sub system
C. Dialog management sub system
D. All of the above

299. A decision support system has a more customized orientation than a _________. _______ is a collection of capabilities that support the decision making process of a individual or a small group of a ind ?
D. None of these

300. When a bank offers web self-service for customers to answer their questions, the primary outcome is ___________
A. adds value
B. manages risks
C. reduces costs
D. creates a new opportunity