261. Telecommunications means multiple computer interconnected into networks is called __________________?
A. Distributed database
B. Distributed processing
C. Central processing
D. None of these

262. Monitoring the legal constraints which a company operates under requires review of_______________?
A. a company’s customers
B. a company’s outputs
C. a company’s macro-environment
D. a company’s micro-environment

263. The flow of transactions through business processes to ensure appropriate checks and approvals are implemented is called ?
A. procedures
B. work flow
C. process flow
D. process requirements

264. Which one is NOT a phase of the systems development life cycle ?
A. problem analysis
B. scope definition
C. requirements analysis
D. post-implementation review

265. Prototypes are used in _________________?
A. model-driven analysis
B. object-oriented analysis
C. traditional approaches
D. accelerated systems analysis

266. Which one is NOT a common fact-finding technique ?
A. prototyping
B. interviews
C. research and site visits
D. reverse engineering

267. Which one of the tests is performed on a subset of a program ?
A. subset test
B. unit test
C. stub test
D. program test

268. Which of the following is(are) an input process method(s) ?
A. smart card
B. biometric
C. optical mark
D. all of the above

269. In cases where the data item has a large number of predefine values and screen space is tight, the following GUI control should be used for an input?
A. combination box
B. drop-down list
C. list box
D. ellipsis control

270. Which of the following is NOT a general principle for output design ?
A. The distribution of (or access to) computer outputs must be sufficient to assist all relevant users
B. The computer outputs should be designed with automated tools.
C. The computer outputs must be acceptable to the system users.
D. Computer outputs should be simple to read and interpret

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