211. A web blueprint depicts ?
A. the layout of an individual web page
B. the layout of the home page
C. the layout of an index page
D. the layout of a website

212. ____________is/are the resources are used for DSS to explore decision alternatives?
A. Data
B. Software
C. Hardware
D. People

213. ___________ can occur at the individual, group, organizational or extra-organizational level?
A. Planning
B. Controlling
C. Organizing
D. Scheduling

214. Newspaper, magazine, radio, television are example of _________?
A. Storing information
B. Retrieving information
C. Communication information
D. Acquiring information

215. A __________ is a measure, an intangible measure, which is difficult to count in clear terms?
A. Model
B. Business
C. Value
D. Organization

216. __________ processing, involves duplicating, sorting and filling data. ________ processing with electronic scanners involves transforming and entering the data into an electronic form?
A. Manual, electronic
B. Electronic, manual
C. Transforming
D. None of the above

217. Critical information for top management is provided by ______________ information system?
A. expert
B. managerial
C. executive
D. decision

218. Mass production of computers started in ___________ , when UNIVAC 1 was delivered?
A. 1951
B. 1952
C. 1953
D. 1954

219. A ___________ process in any area of the business organization performs basic steps such as, receive input, measure, analyze, document, perform, process, record / store, access, produce and communicate?
A. Value
B. Decision making
C. Business
D. Re-engineering

220. Management is the process of achieving organizational goal by _________ , __________ , __________ and __________ organizational resources?
A. Organizing, dealing, planning, controlling
B. Planning, scheduling, controlling, organizing
C. Planning, organizing, leading, controlling
D. None of these