161. One creates Behavioral models of a system when you are discussing and designing the system architecture?

A. True
B. False

162. ________________ classes are used to create the interface that the user sees and interacts with as the software is used ?

A. Controller
B. Entity
C. Boundary
D. Business

163. A data object can encapsulates processes and operation as well _________________?

A. True
B. False

164. Model-driven engineering is just a theoretical concept. It cannot be converted into a working/executable code ?

A. True
B. False

165. Activity diagrams are used to model the processing of data ?

A. True
B. False

166. Software evolution does not comprises ?

A. Development activities
B. Negotiating with client
C. Maintenance activities
D. Re-engineering activities

167. Program modularization and Source code translation are the activities of ____________________?

A. Forward engineering
B. Reverse Engineering
C. Reengineering
D. Reverse Engineering and Reengineering

168. Identify the correct statement with respect to Evolutionary development ?

A. Evolutionary development usually has two flavors; exploratory development, and throw-away prototyping
B. Very large projects are usually done using evolutionary development based approach
C. It facilitates easy project management, through the high volume of documentation it generates
D. Sometimes the construction of a throw-away prototype is not followed by a re- implementation of the software system using a more structured approach

169. The two dimensions of spiral model are ______________________?

A. diagonal, angular
B. radial, perpendicular
C. radial, angular
D. diagonal, perpendicular

170. A sociotechnical system is a system that includes___________________?

A. people
B. software
C. hardware
D. all of the mentioned

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