791. Which of the following is required for the crosslinking of condensation sili-cone elastomers?
A. Platinum oxide
B. Tin octoate
C. Copper dioxide
D. Calcium sulfate
E. Lead

792. Fins or spines may be produced on a casting because of
A. cracks in the investment
B. too rapid heating of the mold
C. steam production which causes the walls of the mold to flake off
D. all of the above

793. Zinc phosphate cement powder contains all of the following, except
A. zinc oxide
B. magnesium oxide
C. bismuth oxide
D. aluminium phosphate
E. none of the above

794. Dental porcelains are manufactured by a process, termed
A. frilling
B. fusing
C. vulcanizing
D. Sintering

795. Which of the following Is true regarding the use of flux for meltingng noble metal alloys?
A. It is added when the alloy has completely melted
B. It is used only with old metal
C. It is used only with new metal
D. It is added before melting the alloy

796. The water content of most liquids, for zinc phosphate cements, is?
A. 15 ± 3%
B. 33 ± 5%
C. 50 ± 5%
D. 66 ± 10%

797. Addition of manganese oxide would give which shade to porcelain?
A. Blue
B. Grayish white
D. Green

798. The material of choice for root form dental implants is
A. cobalt -chromium -molybdenum alloys
B. stainless steel
C. ceramics
D. titanium
E. tantalum-zirconium-carbon alloys

799. The final product formed by the polymerization of a phenol formaldehyde rosin. ‘Bakelite’, istermed
B. essole
C. densite
D. resole

800. Commercial denture cleanserswhich liberate nascent oxygen, clean dentures by
A.dissolving organic debris
B. bactericidal action
C. chelating action
D.MechanicaI action