591. For dental amalgam, the elastic modulus and tensile strength is______________?

A. 40 Gpa and 60 – 100 Mpa
B. 21 Gpa and 27 – 55 Mpa
C. 350 Gpa and 10 – 120 Mpa
D. 360 Gpa and 125 – 130 Mpa

592. Which of the following does not occur in High Copper Amalgam ?

A. Electrochemical Corrosion
B. Chemical Corrosion
C. Penetrating Corrosion
D. Corrosion does not occur at all

593. High strength amalgam is achieved by_____________?

A. Maximum matrix and minimum alloy phase
B. Minimum matrix and maximum alloy phase
C. Maximum matrix phase
D. Minimum alloy phase

594. Once triturated, the Dental amalgam should be condensed with in_____________?

A. 5 minutes
B. 6 minutes
C. 3 minutes
D. 15 minutes

595. The solid solution of silver and mercury is called_______________?

A. y1
B. y2
C. B1
D. y

596. High copper amalgam can be produced_____________?

A. From smooth atomized particles
B. From irregular and spherical particles
C. From lathe cut particles
D. From traditional alloy particles

597. Which one of the following is not an objective of trituration ?

A. Remove oxides from powder particle surface
B. Keep the amount of gamma-1 or gamma-2 matrix crystals to maximum
C. Pulverize pelletes into particles to aid in attack by mercury
D. Achieve a workable mass of amalgam in minimum time

598. Gallium and indium added to Amalgam replace______________?

A. Silver
B. Tin
C. Mercury
D. Zinc

599. Which is true regarding lathe cut silver alloy_______________?

A. Requires least amount of mercury
B. Achieves lowest compressive strength at 1 hr.
C. Has tensile strength both at 15 min & 7 days comparable to high copper unicompositional alloy
D. Has low creep

600. Adequate mixing of mercury is indicated by_______________?

A. Dry Mix
B. Shiny Mix
C. Short Mixing Time
D. None of the above