541. Thermal conductivity of which material is close to dentin____________?

A. Amalgam
B. Silicate
C. Composite resin
D. Cavity varnish

542. Eugenol may be replaced in the zinc oxide eugenol cement by______________?

A. Acetic acid
B. Alginic acid
C. Phosphoric acid
D. Ortho-ethoxy acid

543. Which is the cement with adhesive properties ?

A. Zinc oxide eugenol
B. Zinc polycarboxylate
C. Silicate
D. Glass ionomer
E. Both B & D

544. Which of the following do polycarboxylate and GIC have in common ?

A. Polysiloxane
B. Phosphoric acid
C. Polyacrylic acid
D. Ion leachable glass

545. Which of the following show chemical bond with enamel (Calcified tissues)______________?

A. Composites
B. Direct filling resins
C. Polycarboxylate cements
D. BIS-GMA resins in pit and fissure sealants

546. Which of the following cements is most kind to pulp ?

A. Glass ionomer
B. Polycarboxylate
C. Silicate
D. Resin cement

547. What is the working time of zinc polyacrylate cement ?

A. 1 Minutes
B. 2 Minutes
C. 3 Minutes
D. 4 Minutes

548. All of the following is used as accelerator in zinc oxide eugenol cement except_____________?

A. Acetic acid
B. Zinc acetate dehydrate
C. Calcium chloride
D. Bromoglycerine

549. The tow cements which hold with the tooth are_______________?

A. GIC and polycarboxylate
B. GIC and ZnPO4
C. ZnPO4 and silicate
D. GIC and silicate

550. The logical explanation for the unique anticariogenic property of most silicate cements is______________?

A. The reduction in enamel solubility due to fluoride uptake by enamel
B. That beryllium flux is used in silicates
C. That silicates show very little leakage at the margins of the restoration
D. Due to the high silica content


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