881. A high mercury to alloy ratio in dental amalgam will result in?
A. more of the gamma phase being available
B. more matrix material being formed
C. high strength
D. low expansion
E. high corrosion resistance

882. Which of the following characteristics of a dental resin does not play a major role in determining its physical properties?
A. Degree of polymerization
B. Chain structure
C. Degree of crosslinking
D. Solubility
E. Molecular weight distribution

883. A composite, restorative material essentially contains?
A. inorganic filler, organic filler, coupling agent
B. polymerizing resin, catalyst, pigment
C. resin matrix, activator, filler
D. filler, resin binder, coupling agent

884. An example of a eutectic alloy system is, silver and?
A. copper
B. tin
C. platinum
D. Gold

885. Biological tests in which the material is evaluated in experimental animals under conditions thatsimulate the clinical use of the material, are termed?
A. Level I tests
B. Level II tests
C. Level III tests
D. Level IV tests

886. The first manifestation that plaster has deteriorated from storage in a humid environment is?
A. decrease in hardness
B. a decrease in the setting time
C. a change in color
D. an increase in porosity

887. The mixing of which of the following non-aqueous elastomeric impression materials is different from that of others?
A. Addition silicones
B. Condensation silicones
C. Polysulfides
D. Putty silicones
E. None of the above

888. Polycarboxylate cement powder contains all of the following, except?
A. stannic oxide and stannous fluoride
B. magnesium oxide
C. potash alum
D. polyacrylic acid
E. zinc oxide

889. The principal requisite for a die stone is?
A. high setting expansion
B. low porosity
C. high flow
D. great strength and hardness
E. controlled setting time

890. Resins find use In dentistry as?
A. denture base materials
B. maxillofacial prosthetic materials
C. denture relining materials
D. All of the above
E. none of the above

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