371. Impression plaster is_____________?

A. Less compressive than alginate
B. More compressive than alginate
C. As compressive as alginate
D. More compressive than hydrocolloids

372. Vulcanization refers to the setting of__________________?

A. Reversible hydrocolloid
B. Mercaptan impression material
C. Zinc Phosphate cement
D. Zinc oxide-eugenol

373. Impression techniques are used for recording________________?

A. Oral mucosal tissues
B. Dental hard tissues
C. Oral mucosal tissues and dental hard tissues
D. None of the above

374. Syneresis seen in hydrocolloid gel is______________?

A. Seen as water loss
B. Water absorption
C. Shrinkage
D. Gelation

375. Best material for duplicating cast is_______________?

A. Agar-agar
B. Alginate
C. Zinc oxide eugenol
D. Plaster of paris

376. The base paste of the condensation poly sillicone has a low molecular weight dimethyl siloxane with a terminal-group_______________?

A. Marcaptan group
B. Hydroxyl group
C. Silane group
D. Virryl group

377. Before pouring an elastic impression it is washed with slurry of water and stone to______________?

A. Increase gel strength
B. Prevent syneresis
C. Prevent distortion
D. Wash off saliva on impression

378. The basic constituent of reversible hydrocolloid impression material is________________?

A. Agar
B. Alginic acid
C. Gelatin
D. alginate

379. Sol – gel transformation is seen in________________?

A. Impression plaster
B. Hydrocolloids
C. Elastomer
D. Impression compound

380. Setting time of ZOE is best controlled by______________?

A. Adding a drop of eugenol
B. Adding a drop of water
C. Cooling the glass slab
D. Altering ratio of two pastes


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