Impression materials( Dental materials ) is of liquid or semi-solid nature when first mixed and placed in the mouth. It then sets to become an elastic solid (usually takes a few minutes depending upon the material), leaving an imprint of a person’s dentition and surrounding structures of the oral cavity. Academic task provides 2000+ basic and advanced level of dental materials MCQs with answers. In this section, we focus on all areas of MCQs on dental materials subject and cover all important topics of impression material like Amalgams, Dental Cements, Direct Filling Gold, Gypsum Products Mcqs, Impression Materials, Metallurgy, Physical Properties, Dental Ceramics & Miscellaneous, Restorative Resins –  and much more. All these topics are chosen from trusted and best reference books on dental and impression materials. These dental materials MCQs are also helpful for the preparation of interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and certifications for all Experienced, Freshers and Students. Also, check MCQs on Pathology here.

1.The main advantage of composites over unfilled direct filling resin is their_____________?

A. Higher solubility in saliva
B. Lower modulus of elasticity
C. Esthetic excellence
D. Lower thermal co-efficient of expansion

2. Composite has_______________?

A. Resin
B. Filler
C. Resin & Filler
D. None

3. Acrylic resins are used for______________?

A. Anterior restorations
B. Temporary bridges
C. Denture base
D. All of the above

4. To prevent porosity in self-cure acrylic resin, curing should be carried in______________?

A. Cold water
B. Hot water
C. Under tap water
D. Under vacuum pressure

5. Porosity present in a acrylic denture is usually the result of______________?

A. A prolonged curing cycle
B. Lack of sufficient pressure applied to flask
C. Insufficient acrylic resin monomer
D. Prolonged bench cooling after curing

6. Cross linking in denture base resin is contributed by_____________?

A. Glycol dimetharylate
B. Benzoyl peroxide
C. N-para toluidine
D. Methyl methacrylate

7. A material behaves in certain ways above and below the proportional limit on a stress strin curve, which of the following is correct______________?

A. Above the proportional limit a material function in a plastic manner, while below the proportional limit it behaves as an elastic
B. Above the proportional limit a material functions in an elastic manner, while below the proportional limit it behaves as an plastic
C. Either A or B
D. Neither A or B

8. Which of the following is correct________________?

A. Type I and Type II gold can be heat treated and annealed
B. Type III and Type IV gold can be heat treated and annealed
C. Type I and IV gold can be heat treated and annealed
D. All the type of gold can be heat treated and annealed

9. Which of the following is present in the powder of the acrylic resin______________?

A. Methyl methacrylate
B. Benzoyl peroxide
C. Hydroquinone
D. D-methyl paratolouidine

10. Boiling point of methyl methacrylate________________?

A. B.P of water
B. < B.P of water
C. Equal of BP of water
D. Is at normal room temperature