361. Trisodium phosphate in alginate acts are_______________?

A. Retarder
B. Reactor
C. Accelerator
D. Plasticizer

362. Which of the following impression material is elastic________________?

A. Impression compound
B. Zinc Oxide eugenol (ZOE) paste
C. Wax
D. Polyvinyl siloxane

363. The American dental association (ADA) specification number for non-aqueous elastomeric dental impression material is______________?

A. 19
B. 20
C. 21
D. 26

364. Elastomers are_________________?

A. Alginate
B. Agar
C. Polyethers
D. Imp. Compound

365. Tear strength for impression material is highest for__________?

A. Condensation silicone
B. Alginate
C. Polysulfide
D. Addition silicone

366. Trisodium phosphate added to alginate contributes towards_______________?

A. increasing the working time of alginate impression material
B. Acts as an accelerator
C. Initiating the setting reaction
D. Provides gel strength

367. Agar syringe material can be used with/as______________?

A. Agar
B. Alginate impression material
C. Both of the above
D. Primary impression

368. Impression compound has which of the following characteristic property ?

A. Low thermal conductivity
B. High flow property
C. Degradation is presence of moisture
D. Remain distortion free up to 72 hrs. pouring can be safely delayed

369. Heavy and light body impression materials are use with______________?

A. Mercaptan
B. Silicone
C. Reversible hydrocolloid
D. A and B

370. Which material is the most difficult to remove from the patients mouth ?

A. Metallic oxide paste
A. Silicone impression material
B. Reversible hydrocolloid
C. Impression plaster