1101. In acid etching gel form is preferred over solution form because :

A. More concentrated action of acid
B. Can be easily washed off
C. Simplicity of position over the area to be corrosive scratched, without getting spread *
D. All of the above

1102. All of the following are true about dental esthetic correction except ?

A. Rebuilding of all front teeth in a single arrangement will improve the dental feel
B. The individual tooth correction compare to correction of all tooth at the same time is more easy *
C. Apparent size of the tooth can be increased by change( or alteration) in height of contour of tooth
D. Apparent length of the tooth can be increase by placing groove in the tooth

1103. Porcelain laminate veneers during adhesion get maximum retention through :

A. Composite resin, sialylation luting agent, acid etching and porcelain *
B. Acid etching, sailination, restoration
C. Composite resin, acid etching, and restoration
D. Composite resin, etching, salinization

1104. Non active carious lesion is distinguished by all except :

A. Covered by a layer of plague
B. Soft and leathery in consistency
C. Brown to black discolouration
D. Severe pain during caries removal *

1105. All of the following are true about polymerization shrinkage of composite resin except ?

A. More noteworthy limited occlusal wear
B. Recurrent secondary caries *
C. Technique sensitive
D. More time in replacement

1106. Decrease in creep occurs with ?

A. The amalgam’s under or over trituration
B. Decrease in conversation pressure
C. Increase in condensation pressure *
D. Cannot be predictable

1107. The percentage of copper in high copper third generation amalgam is ?

A. 5-12 %
B. 12-32 % *
C. 32.52 %
D. More than 62 %

1108. Enamel hatchet is differentiated from chisel by all except ?

A. Curved in one plane only
B. Blade is larger
C. Cutting edge is opposite to the long hub of handle *
D. Blade is heavier

1109. All of the following are true about resistance form except ?

A. Flat pulpal floor
B. Rounded internal line angles
C. Inclusion of weak tooth within restoration
D. Extension up to 1.00 mm in dentin *

1110. ALL of the following about use of aerator hand piece are false except :

A. The sound frequency greater than 75 decibel (DB) causes damage to the ear *
B. The frequency of rotation of bur is 6000-8000 cpm
C. It will hurt more in elderly than extremely youthful
D. Its use in younger teeth is contraindicated