931. Direct filling powdered gold is normal supplied in which form?
A. Powder enclosed in a capsule of inert material
B.Pellet containing compressed powder
C.Loose powder form
D.Powder wrapped in a gold foil

932. The normal hygroscopic setting expansion of gypsum bonded investment is?
A.0.4 -0.8%
B.0.01 -0.06%
C.1.2 -2.2%
D.2 -3%

933. The solidification shrinkage of gold alloys Is In the range of?
A.0.02% to 0.2%
B.0.5% to 1.0%
C.1.25% to 1.45%
D.2 to 2.6%
E.5.0% to 7.5%

934. Which of the following is a disadvantage with polyether impression materials?
A. Poor elasticity
B.Difficulty in mixing
C.Poor flow
D.Dimensional instabiiity in the presence of moisture

935. The strain that occurs when a material is stressed to its proportional limit is termed?
A. resilience
B.maximum flexibility
C.tensile stress

936. All of the following are requisites of a dental solder, except?
A. resistance to tarnish and corrosion
B.restricted flow
C.strength equal to that of the work
D.all of the above
E.none of the above

937. When it is necessary to clean or soak a dental stone cast for a prolonged time, which type of water should be used?
A. Tap water
B.Clear slurry water
C.Distilled water
D.Mineral water
E.Soap water

938. Thermal diffusion through a material depends onits thermal conductivity and?
A.latent heat of fusion
B.melting point
D.coefficient of thermal expansion
E.invariant transformation point

939. Hydrocolloid impression materials are?
A. liquids suspended in liquids
B.solids suspended in liquids
C.solids suspended in solids
D.metallic dispersions
E.none of the above

940. The various shades of dental porcelain are obtained by the addition of metal oxides. Which of the following metallic oxides is incorrectly matched with the shade it gives?
A. Nickel oxide -brown
B.Cobalt oxide -lavender
C.Titanium oxide -yellowish brown
D.Iron oxide -brown
E.Copper oxide –green