331. Most mucostatic among the following_____________?

A. Impression compound
B. Alginate
C. ZOE paste
D. Elastomer

332. Which of the following impression material requires a hardener ?

A. Agar
B. Alginate
C. Elastomers
D. Impression compound

333. By product of condensation reaction between silicone base and alkyl silicate in presence of tin octate_______________?

A. Ethyl alcohol
B. Glycol
C. Acetate
D. Propanolol

334. Which of the following component acts as an accelerator in ZOE impression paste ?

A. Zinc Sulphate & Zinc chloride
B. Zinc chloride & Eugenol
C. Zinc Sulphate & Eugenol
D. Glycerin

335. Dimensional stability of elastomeric impression material can be given in descending order as_____________?

A. Polysulphide > polyether > Condensation silicone > Addition silicone
B. polyether > Condensation silicone > Polysulphide > Addition silicone
C. Addition silicone > polyether > Polysulphide > Condensation silicone
D. Addition silicone> Condensation silicone > Polysulphide > polyether

336. A laminate impression technique utilizes_______________?

A. Syringe agar and chilled tray alginate
B. Syringe agar and tray agar
C. Syringe agar and impression compound
D. Chilled alginate and impression compound

337. Most flexible impression material______________?

A. Impression compound
B. Impression paste
C. Addition silicone
D. Alginate

338. Which of the following is correct arrangement of impression material regarding linear contraction in ascending order ?

A. Addition silicone < polyether < polysulfide < condensation silicone
B. Addition silicone < polysulfide < Polyether < condensation silicone
C. condensation silicone < polyether < polysulfide < Addition silicone
D. condensation silicone < polysulfide < polyether < Addition silicone

339. Which of the following best describes the working time of impression material ?

A. After the start of appearing elastic properties of impression material
B. Just after the start of appearing elastic properties of impression material
C. The time for start of mixing till just before the start of appearing elastic properties of impression material
D. Loss of lusture of impression material

340. Which of the following is used as surface hardener in Impression material ?

A. 2% Potassium sulfate
B. 0.2% Potassium sulfate
C. 2% sodium sulfate
D. 4% Potassium sulfate