551. According of ADA specification No or number 1, the minimum compressive strength for silver amalgam filling aftr one hour should be________________?

A. 80 Mpa
B. 140 Mpa
C. 260 Mpa
D. 510 Mpa

552. Admixed high copper alloy powder contains_________________?

A. 9-20% copper
B. 13-20% copper
C. 9-30% copper
D. 13-30% copper

553. Finishing and polishing of Amalgam make the restoration______________?

A. Increase in tarnish and corrosion resistance
B. Increase the marginal strength
C. Decrease the tarnish and corrosion resistance
D. Increased compressive strength

554. Setting time of Amalgam is best controlled by _______________?

A. Using spherical particles
B. Lathe cut alloy
C. Altering Hg-Alloy ratio
D. Trituration time

555. Increased amount of powder in zinc phosphate cement mixture will cause_______________?

A. Decreased strength
B. Decreased film thickness
C. Decreased solubility
D. Increased setting time

556. The temperature (in °F) of the mixing slab for silicate cements should be_____________?

A. 55 – 65
B. 65 – 75
C. 75 – 85
D. 85 – 95

557. Which one of the following dental cement accelerates the formation of reparative dentin ?

A. Eugenol
B. Calcium Hydroxide
C. Zinc oxide
D. Silica

558. Fluoride rich materials include ?

A. Silicate cement
B. Glass ionomer cement
C. Polycarboxylate cement
D. All of the above

559. Dynamic creep is the______________?

A. Continuing alloying between silver-tin alloy and mercury during the life of restoration
B. Deformation of set amalgam during function
C. Process whereby alloy is wetted by murcury
D. Spread of amalgam during packing

560. The dental amalgam is most resistant to________________?

A. Compressive stress
B. Impact stress

C. Shear stress
D. Tensile stress