531. Which component of zinc oxide-eugenol cement gives its strength ?

A. Rosin
B. Zinc oxide
C. Zinc acetate
D. Oil of cloves

532. Which cement is irritating to the pulp ?

A. Carboxylate cement
B. Zinc oxide-eugenol cement
C. Zinc phosphate
D. Ethoxybenzoic acid

533. The cement Which is least soluble in oral cavity______________?

A. Glass ionomer
B. Resin cement
C. Polycarboxylate cement
D. Silico-Phosphate cement

534. Silicate cement is indicated in________________?

A. Mouth breathers
B. Patients with high caries index
C. In the restoration of posterior tooth
D. None of the above

535. Which of the following characterizes the silicate cement______________?

A. It is pulpal irritant
B. It is highly cariogenic
C. Chemically attaches to the tooth structure
D. It produces thinnest film surface

536. Which of the following cements have anti cariogenic properly________________?

B. Calcium Hydroxide
C. Zinc silicophosphate
D. Zinc phosphate

537. The principle application of zinc phosphate cement is_____________?

A. In final cementation
B. As temporary cementation
C. As a temporary filling material
D. It has less occlusal wear

538. Which of the following cements is contraindicated in mouth breathers_______________?

A. Silicate
C. Polycarboxylate
D. Zinc phosphate

539. Percentage of zinc in ZOE cement is__________________?

A. 60%
B. 70%
C. 80%
D. 90%

540. The main components is sillicophosphate cement________________?

A. Zinc phosphate and GIC
B. Silicate and GIC
C. ZOE and Silicate
D. Zinc phosphate and Silicate


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