521. Which cement base has the highest modulus of elasticity ?

A. Zinc polycarboxylate
B. Polymer reinforced ZOE cement
C. Zinc phosphate
D. Glass inomer cement

522. The cavity varnish applied reduces post operative sensitivity in amalgam restoration by____________?

A. Decreasing conduction of heat to pulp
B. Minimize marginal leakage around restoration
C. By altering the chemical composition of restoration materials
D. By preventing penetration of corrosion products into the dentinal tubules

523. The average life of silicate cement restoration is______________?

A. 2 years
B. 4 years
C. 6 years
D. 8 years

524. All of the following are true for traditional solution liner, except_________________?

A. It is not necessary in moderately deep cavities under glass ionomer restoration
B. Have Film thickness of 1 – 50 microns
C. Do not provide thermal or electric insulation
D. Protect the pulp from reaction products leaching out of restoration

525. Which of the following cements bonds to tooth structure, which has an anticariogenic effect, has a degree of translucency and does not irritate the pulp ?

A. Polycarboxylate cement
B. Resin cement
C. Silicate cement
D. Glass ionomer cement

526. Mode of failure during dislodgement of prosthesis cemented with zinc poly carboxylate cement is usually seen at the_____________?

A. Cement tooth interface
B. Cement prosthesis interface
C. Cleavage through the cement layer
D. Fracture of tooth or prosthesis

527. The setting time of ZnPO4 cement can be retarded by_____________?

A. mixing more powder to the liquid
B. mixing powder to liquid, checked by water
C. slower addition of powder to liquid
D. faster addition of powder to liquid

528. MEchanism of adhesion of GIC restoration with tooth surface is by mean of ______________?

A. Carboxyl group
B. Chelates with Metal Ions
C. C=C double bond
D. Polymer chains

529. In non-eugenol pastes the constituents are mixed in______________?

A. Phosphoric Acid
B. Ethyl alcohol
C. Benzoic acid
D. None of the above

530. Ethoxy benzoic acid increases the strength and solubility of the cement______________?

A. Zinc oxide eugenol
B. Polycarboxylate cement
C. Zinc phosphate cement
D. Silicate cement