711. The malleting force is directed______________?
A. Parallel to long axis of crown
B. Perpendicular to the walls
C. 45° to the wall
D. None of the above

712. Pitting of direct filling old restoration usually results from_________________?
A. Poor finished preparation
B. Using contaminated gold foil
C. Improper stepping of condenser point
D. Using small condenser point

713. The cohesive gold used as bulk filler is_____________?
A. Spherical gold
B. Mat gold
C. Electra alloy
D. Gold foll

714. The point at which a stress of material exhibits a specific limited deviation P is called
A.proportional limit
B.tensile strength
C.ultimate strength
D.yield strength

715.The elastic or plastic deformation to fracture a material is
C.young’s modulus
D.proportional limit

716.Maxwell-Voight model is to determine
A.Elastic behavior
B.plastic behavior
C.viscoelastic behavior
D.all the above.

717.A mixture of two liquids that do not blend together to form one liquid is termed a (an):

718.Ability of a material to get plasticity deformed without fracture
A. Toughness
B. Hardness
C. Resiliency
D. Springiness

719.One of the following is macro-hardness test
A. Vickers’s hardness test
B. Knoop’s hardness
C. shore &barcol’s durometer
D. Brinell’s hardness test

720.Maximum number of bends performed in cold bend test gives an indication of the _______ of the material.
A. Elasticity
B. Resiliency
C. Ductility
D. Malleability