291. Wash or corrective impression is done by______________?

A. Impression plaster
B. Impression paste
C. Alginate
D. Rubber base impression material

292. The plasticizers used in polyether impression material is_______________?

A. polyether polymer
B. Colloidal silica
C. Glycol ether
D. Di-vinyl poly (dimethyl siloxane)

293. In reversible hydrocolloid the property by which the transformation from sol to gel and gel to sol is a function of the_____________?

A. Concentration of filler and plasticizer
B. Percentage composition by weight of water
C. Concentration of potassium sulphate
D. Temperature

294. Alginates are_____________?

A. Sol
B. Gel
C. Hydrocolloid
D. Colloid

295. Syneresis is associated with______________?

A. Hydrocolloids
B. Elastomers
C. Zinc oxide eugenol
D. Plaster of paris

296. The advantage of ZOE impression paste_______________?

A. Has dimensional stability
B. Does not adhere to tissues
C. Is easy manipulation
D. Does not require special trays

297. Rinsing of the impression is important to________________?

A. Remove excess impression material
B. Remove saliva
C. Hydrate the impression
D. Accelerate the setting

298. Which is best material for RPD impression_______________?

A. Impression plaster
B. Irreversible hydrocolloid
C. Reversible hydroollioid
D. None of the above

299. Which of the following is not affected by saliva ?

A. Impression plaster
B. Impression paste
C. Silicon impression material
D. None of the above

300. Retarder in Zinc oxide eugenol is______________?

A. CaCl2
B. Zinc acetate
C. Alcohol
D. Glycerine