1141. True about smear layer except :

A. It interferes with sealing of gutta percha
B. Can be removed with 37% EDTA *
C. Ultrasonic removal damages canal wall
D. Smear layer is a combination of dentin, pulpal and bacterial debris

1142. The placement of pin should be :

A. Parallel to each other
B. Parallel to the nearest external surface *
C. Perpendicular to the external tooth surface
D. Never beneath the cusp to be restored

1143. The minimum thickness of rubber dam in :

A. 0.004 Inches
B. 0.001 Inches
C. 0.006 Inches *
D. 0.008 Inches

1144. All the following types of corrosion occur in high copper amalgams except :

A. Galvanic
B. Penetrating *
C. Chemical
D. Electrochemical

1145. The instrument that has four unit formula :

A. Gingival margin trimmer *
B. Enamel hatchet
C. Hoe
D. Chisel

1146. Currently available composites undergo polymerization at a wavelength of :

A. 474 nm *
B. 470 nm
C. 460 nm
D. 464 nm

1147. Self etching primers :

A. Simultaneously etch and prime dentin and enamel *
B. Etches enamel only
C. Only bonds to enamel
D. Only removes smear layer

1148. Instrument that has a 4 digit formula :

A. Angle former *
B. Hatchet
C. Spoon excavator
D. Hoe

1149. The distance between 2 holes in a rubber dam sheet is ideally :

A. 6.0 MM
B. 6.3 MM *
C. 6.5 MM
D. 6.9 MM

1150. A radiopaque line is seen in the dentin hidden a multi month old class 1 mixture reclamation .Which of the accompanying premise was utilized in this rebuilding ?

A. Calcium hydroxide *
B. Zinc phosphate cement
C. Zinc oxide eugenol
D. Zinc oxide eugenol and form cresol