751. The restorative resins currently most popular are the
A. unfilled direct filling, light-curing resins
B. filled polyurethane resins
C. acrylic resins
D.microfilled composite resins

752. The decrease in the marginal leakage of an amalgam restorationis primarily the result of
A. using cavity varnish
B. water sorption
C. expansion of the alloy
D. formation of corrosion products

753. The pH of zinc phosphate cement be-comes neutral in
A. 30-60 minutes
B. 24-48 hours
C. 1 week
D. 4-6 hours

754. Which metals expand on from the molten state?
A. Platinum and palladium
B. Iridium and lead
C. Indium and strontiumFCPS Part 1 Dentistry
D. Bismuth and antimony5: None of the above

755. Sprues can be fabricated from all of the following, except
A. wax
B. resin
C. stainless steel
D. plastic
E. none of the above

756. Wrought gold alloys are used in dentistry primarily as
A. full crowns
B. inlays
C. wires
D. arch bars
E. metal ceramics

757. A Type IV partial denture gold alloy exceeds a base-metal alloy in numerical value in
A. compressive strength
B. casting shrinkage
C. hardness
D. specific gravity
E. modulus of elasticity

758. Heating a gypsum investment to 1000°C will result in the liberation of
A. silver sulfide
B. carbon monoxide
C. hydrogen
D. sulfur dioxide

759. Crystallinity of a polymer will result in an increase in itsFCPS Part 1 Dentistry
A. molding temperature
B. solubility
C. ductility
D. none of the above

760. coupling agents in composite resins act to
A. increase cross-linking
B. bind the matrix together
C. bind the filler together
D. bind the filler to the matrix