1041. What is the purpose of addition of orthoethoxy benzole acid to zinc oxide eugenol cement?

A. To improve compressive strength of the cement . *
B. To limit oral solubility of the cement .
C. To render the cement light curable.
D. To improve ease of manipulation of cement .
E. To improve tensile strength of the cement.

1042. Which of the following is best for ‘cermet’ cement:

A. Cermet cement is glass ionomer cement with porcelain ceramic fillers.
B. Cermet cement is glass ionomer cement with silver amalgam alloy particles in it. *
C. Cermet cement is a mixture of glass ionomer and resin cements.
D. Cermet cement is light curable glass ionomer cement .
E. Cermet cement is self cure composite resin.


1043. Which of the following possesses anticariogertic property?

A. ZnPO4 cement .
B. Glass ionomer cement. *
C. Poly carboxylate cement.
D. ZnO Eugenol cement.
E. alcium hydro-oxide cement.


1044. Regarding zinc phosphate cements:

A. powder and liquid are mixed on cold glass slab. *
B. Powder and liquid are mixed on hot glass slab.
C. Zinc phosphate cements have endothermic reactions.
D. The cement is mixed on a waxed paper mixing pod.
E. Retention is via chemical bonding.

1045. Which of the following is used for pickling of casting made with gypsum bonded investments?

A. 100% hydrochloric acid.
B. Sulphuric acid.
C. Ultra sonic devices with 100% hydrochloric acid.
D. Hydrogen per oxide. *
E. Aluminium oxide.

1046. With respect to acid etching:

A. It creates a microscopically rough enamel surface. *
B. The eTchant is usua lly 20% phosphoric acid.
C. The eTchant is usually applied for one minute.
D. Following etching the eTchant should be washed away with phosphoric acid.
E. It creates macroscopically rough enamel surface.

1047. Which one of the following elastomeric rubber, resSi01tS is most likely to deform following in compression?

A. Addition silicone
B. Condensation silicone
C. Polyeth.
D. Polysulfide. *
E. Siloxane.

1048. How soon after contamination by moisture does a zinc containing amalgam restoration start expanding?

A. 24 hours
B. 1-2 days
C. 3-5 days *
D. One week
E. Two week


1049. Creep value of which of the following is highest?

A. LOW copper amalgam alloy *
B. Admix alloy
C. single composition alloys
D. Creep value of all the above mentioned alloys is same
D. High copper amalgam alloy.

1050. Regarding alginate impression material:

A. Alginate impression material contains sodium phosphate to act as an accelerator.
B. The set alginate impression is a hydrocolloid gel. *
C. The impression is stored in water to prevent inhibition.
D. Alginate impression is powered after 2 hours.
E. The thicker the mixture of alginate results in greater flexibility.